About Me

Lauren and BFF BIg Guy


This is Lauren’s mother writing, and I am an expert on all things Lauren. So I decided I should write the “about” part of this blog, since she can’t remember much before the age of five, which means she can’t remember the really interesting parts of her life.

Lauren was the girl who growled before she babbled as a baby. She was the one who wanted to be a blue horse when she grew up. She was the one who screamed at me to go faster when I had her on a leash skiing. She was the one who ate pretzels from a bowl on the floor like a dog. She was the one who sold all her worldly possessions at a yard sale, and with the $20 that she earned, went to Sears and bought a stuffed orangutan the color of her hair and named him Big Guy. Big Guy was her best friend for a long time. He even when to college with her! Now I find that once again, she has sold all her worldly possessions, but rather than going to Sears to find happiness, Lauren is going to Ghana. I’m betting she finds a lot of happiness there, and I think the Ghanaians are going to love her. But Big Guy, (and a few of us other folks that live at this house) are going to miss her.


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