Corke, cats and kente cloth

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So don’t get tooooo excited… I got online, yes, at another PCV’s ICT lab, but some force is still against me checking my email becuase every single time i’ve tried to go to gmail the internet times out. I got onto facebook for a moment but then that failed too, so this blog is my last effort at communication. Keep sending me emails if you have been, because someday the gods have to forgive whatever terrible thing I’ve done and let me get into gmail again, at which point i will take my sweet time and savor every last word.

You may have noticed a couple things:
1) the prince count has moved to 1. As many of you know, my dear mother and grandmother were invited to a reception involving the beloved Prince William and Kate. Please contact her if you’re interested in what jeans they were wearing (it was western themed for the Calgary Stampede). Because I am half of my mother’s blessed genes, I have half met a prince. and becuase kate was also there, I count that as a full meeting. So I haven’t quite reached a Ghanaian Prince yet, but rest assured I am constantly seeking them out.
2) some people have tagged pictures of me on facebook, and I’m looking really ghanaian these days. It’s true. I’ve been practicing how to carry things on my head, babies on my back, and eat fufu the right way (NO CHEWING – mom you’d like it, it’s just the way you like Thanksgiving dinners). I’m pretty authentic at this point. Also the reason why they can get on facebook and I can’t is because they aren’t cursed like me. It probably has something to do with their not having red hair and having a soul or something. over it.
3) my parasite count is still at 0. I know, I know, I was disappointed too when the PC Doctor told me that most PCVs in Ghana don’t get parasites…but I WILL be mostly working with children so I do have a decent chance at worms. I’ll obviously let you know.

I’m currently in the Volta region (by Togo) in a town called HoHoe (ho-hoy). We are studying more sign language and technical skills at the school for the deaf here. I got to weave kente today! (kente is the colorful woven fabric Ghana is famous for, look it up) I was terrible, clearly, and eventually I’ll have pictures to show you just how terrible. Or maybe someone less cursed then me will post them. We also got to go and learn how to fire and make recycled glass beads! As I said before, that’s hopefully something I’ll get to continue at my school. I also have pictures of those….maybe someday. They’re really pretty and eventually I might take orders from you guys and send them over so it’s never too early to think about Christmas!!!

I miss people and cheese a lot, but the family I’m staying with out here has a cat and some dogs that don’t look like they’re dying so at least I’m getting my animal-fix. They also have been teaching me some dances including the Bobobo, and Akbagya (no idea how to spell that one), and one othr that involves muscles i seem to be lacking.

Next week we travel back to the Eastern region for our Counterpart workshop! Our counterparts are the people PC assigns us basically to be our first friends at each of our schools. So the workshop lasts one week and is a time for all of us to meet our counterparts together. After that I head up to my site for the first time with my counterpart and stay up there for a week! I’m SO excited to see where I’ll be living. Also, I apparently gave you wrong information about my site..there’s a silent G not a silent B, so it’s pronounced Buo-wego or something. I’m still working on it myself.

Tomorrow I’m going to the “Ancestral Caves” which Ive been told involves some rock climbing and some steep cliffs! Then I’ll be seeing another PCV who works with a women’s group that specialized in batik.

Rumors are still flying about who will be attending our Swearing in ceremony at the end of August. There are some dreamy hopefuls who think it’ll be Obama, but the rest of us have settled of someone of a slightly less caliber like Hilary Clinton or Biden. Either way I might be able to get a dress made out of any of the many Obama fabrics/cookies/wines/notebooks/portraits they have there and show some american pride. And wear my meat pinny of course. It’s with me in Volta, it doesn’t leave my side, so it’s definitely seeing the sites as I do. And smelling the smells.

Ok I think that’s all. I think I’ll close by wishing Traver a happy birthday on the 13th… I was going to write you an email but that doesn’t seem to be possible. I’ll just use this public venue to do it instead. I hope everyone is having an awesome summer and be careful! I hear there’s a heat wave crossing the country!

and PLEASE PLEASE keep emailing, i’m dying to hear from everyone and WILL find a way to get onto gmail. I also DO have a cell phone, I believe it costs you guys 20 cents to get a text from me and 25 to send one, plus I can call you for pretty cheap, so if you’re interested contact my mom – I don’t want to post the number in case of spamming.