Baby Profile: Agana

Hey Ladies

Age: 2

Birthday: 29 October, 2009

Favorite activity: riding on motorbikes (motos), playing on dad’s moto, sitting on benches and pretending they’re motos, making the sound of a moto (vroom vroom), wearing dad’s moto helmet, playing with dad’s moto keys, crying when somebody drives away on a moto without him, helping teach ICT

Interesting fact: Agana is the local name for a chameleon, which in his tribe is a sacred animal that isn’t allowed to be killed or sacrificed. As legend has it, if a baby is crying in the house while his mother is working outside, it probably is being fed by a chameleon. If the mother returns to the house she will find the chameleon with it’s tail in the baby’s mouth.

favorite word: vroom vroom

Pet Peeve: bathing. Try it, he dares you.

Political stance: Doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t have to wear clothes. ever.

Interested in: A lady for the back of his dad’s moto. He’ll even take her to America if she asks nicely and agrees to help him say vroom vroom


3 responses to “Baby Profile: Agana

  1. You used to have some cousins with a similar political stance. It helped us get to know our neighbors.
    We always look forward to your posts, Lauren!

  2. Agana is from Ghana? So, in Ghanaianese, if I am from Canada, my name could be Acanada! I think Agana should be tagged as a prince, since he is wearing a beautiful headdress, and because he looks so regal. I’m sure he looks even more regal on the back of a moto!

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