Abridged Ghanaian English-American English Dictionary: First Ed.

AIE!/EH!: an exclamation used to convey shock
‘How many cows for your hand in marriage?’ – ‘Oh, at least 5. Plus shipping and handling to America’ – ‘AIE! It’s too much. I beg of you, reduce.’
America: any place that white people come from, most commonly Germany
‘ I met one of your people from America many years ago.’ – ‘Oh really? What state?’ – ‘Germany’
beer lesson: a “Godfrey orignial”: a trip to the spot presumably involving the consumption of beer. Best if said in sign language.
‘Want to meet up for a beer lesson in Bolga at the end of this week? I’ve been stressed lately.’
brother/sister/husband/wife: general term used to refer to any person regardless of relation
“Sister Lauren your husband is calling you.That man over there.”
charlie: (pr. CHAH-lee) friend
a. It’s good to see you again, charlie, I’ve missed you.
b. Charlie, pass me that notebook please.
dash: to add extra, to give, to loan
a. I don’t have enough money for this tro ride, will you dash me a cedi?
b. 7 tomatos are 50 peswa at the market, but some vendors will also dash 2 onions.
disting: a general term that can be used to refer to any object. One girl on my campus (hearing child of a teacher) uses it the way American teenagers use “like” or “um”. Root: This Thing
a. ‘Eh! This morning I was riding on the disting (moto), but because of all the rain the disting (road) was very wet. My moto slid and I fell into the disting (puddle)!’ -‘Aie, sister, sorry.’
b. To make the, disting, the fufu, you take the, disting, boiled yams and use the disting (pounder) and add, disting, water until it is, disting, soft and elastic.
go and come: be right back
I must ride to town to pick up some phone credits, I will go and come.
how?: how are you? how is the day?
‘Sister Lauren, how?’ – ‘I’m fine thank you.’
i’m coming: I’m going, I’m going with the intention of coming back sometime in the near or far future, I’m going without the intention of ever returning
ex. Subject A: ‘I’m coming’ – subject A returns in 5 minutes
ex. Subject B: ‘I’m coming’ – subject B returns in 10 hours
ex. Subject C: ‘I’m coming’ – subject C never returns
oh: (pr. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) A syllable added to the end of some sentences for emphasis, similar to the way Canadians USED to use “eh”
a. Charlie, how is it? – It’s fineoh.
b. ‘Are you marriedoh?’ – ‘Yes I have many husbands’. – ‘You are lyingoh, I don’t see a ring on your finger.’ – ‘It’s trueoh! All princes. I am five times a princess.’
one, one, one: individual or one at a time
a. Oh, the students, they are all one one one. you can’t compare them.
b. My hairs become gray one one one.
small malaria: any sickness
‘Why isn’t Grace in class this today?’ – ‘She has small malaria.’
small small: a little bit
a. ‘Do you know how to speak twi?’ -‘Only small small.’
b. ‘Oh sister, you are sick?’ – ‘Small small. My nose is runny.’ – ‘Ohhh sorry, you have small malaria.’
somehow: somewhat
‘My place is somehow close to the health clinic. I’m going to go walk there small small and get medicine for my small malaria. I’m comingoh.’
spot: bar, drinking place
‘At which spot is our beer lesson?’
trot: jog, walk at an elevated pace, exercise
Every morning my homestay Grandfather goes trotting to maintain his health.
Yo: (pr. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) Goodbye
‘So I’ll see you tomorrow then.’ – ‘Yoooo’


3 responses to “Abridged Ghanaian English-American English Dictionary: First Ed.

  1. AIEI! Five cows for your hand in marriage, and you are already married to five princes! You are rich! Maybe you can spot me some cedis so I can come to your beer lesson too.

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