My House!

Here are pictures of my house here in Ghana! As you can see, I will not be “roughing it” at all – there’s a reason why Peace Corps Ghana is often called Posh Corps. I have a bedroom and a sitting room/kitchen. I share my compound, shower (yes, a real shower), and toilet with another teacher, Francis, and his daughter. Our house is on the school campus, so I can just roll out of bed, grab some coffee (REAL COFFEE!!!! left by the previous volunteer), and head off to work. When work is actually going to start is still debatable… we’re now a week past the start of school and only about a third of the students have arrived. We’re hoping to start next week….maybe….

A new student arrived today! Recently deaf from CSM. His birth certificate says he’s 17 although he looks about 11, and no one in Ghana actually knows their birthdays so I have my doubts. Anyways, I’m sure he feels uncomfortable not having any sign language at all so maybe I can help him out this week while I’m waiting for classes to start.

Some people have asked me if they can send anything. The answer is YES. Anything arts, crafts, sign language or school related is useful. Literally anything. Even if they have it here in Ghana, it’s either expensive and out of budget or really low quality and not worth buying. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions. If you find you have extra room you can always throw parmesan cheese and sriracha in there too :).

Packages with school supplies can be sent straight to the school P.O. box:

Lauren Corke, PCV
Gbeogo School for the Deaf
P.O. Box 694
Upper East, Ghana, West Africa

That’s it for now! So far my first 2 weeks at site have been great. I’ve just been getting to know the area, school and my fellow teachers (who I love). And, of course, trying to learn yet another language because for some reason sign language doesn’t get me very far when I go to market….

Addendum 1: CSM is Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis and is the main cause of post-natal deafness in Ghana. Although I teach at a primary school, ages range from 7 to 20 (and maybe even older), because if a child becomes deaf from CSM later in life they essentially need to re-start their education and learn ASL so they come into school in 1st grade, regardless of age.

Addendum 2: After going through my art closet I noted that three things we need the most are:

– Glue (glue sticks, Elmer’s)

– Pencil Sharpeners!!

– markers (although they seem to dry out pretty quickly here, so maybe not the best investment, I might just switch completely to colored pencils)

Not as critical but other ideas of things to send are:

– higher quality paper or cardstock

– yarn/embroidery thread

– “Joy of Signing” textbook

– paintbrushes

– black scratch-boards

– crayons or charcoal

– magazines that I can read and then we can use for collage and color projects

– jewelry findings, clasps, elastic thread


One response to “My House!

  1. I can’t believe how shwanky your place is!!! I did NOT think it was going to be so nice! Wow! That’s awesome! I have something I am going to mail to you… You can use it to decorate your walls 🙂 . Also, what is CSM?

    Love you!!! So happy things are going well!

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